For African and Christian Women Authors

I provide a range of editing services for African and Christian women authors. I edit, evaluate and analyze content for clarity and consistency, as well as for accuracy, style and tone.

Editing services include Substantive Edits (heavy), Stylistic Edits (medium) and Copyediting (light) as well as Proofreading and Manuscript Evaluation. I work with the basics —spelling, grammar and punctuation, and also go a lot deeper —reviewing your piece for word usage, sentence structure, bias and flow. 

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For Creative Businesses and Enterpreneurs

From small and large events to immediate and long term projects, I provide event planning and  management services, and execute the logistic and operational part of your project. 

Management services include Vendor + Budget Management, Project Delivery & Team Management and On Site Coordinaton etc. From initiation and planning to monitoring and controlling project,  I manage vendors, schedules, resources and budget, and  ensure that project is successfully delivered. 

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